Monday, January 25, 2016

DIY - Christmas Tree

Merry Christmas !!!!

My daughter wanted to celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree as she noticed a few of her friends celebrated that way. She told me to buy a tree but I told her it is very expensive and instead I ll make one. She didn't believe me and said it was IMPOSSIBLE!! When she was smaller, she never wanted to buy any stuff instead she would ask me if I can make it for her, but as she is growing up it is changing the other way!!!

But a couple of days before Christmas I got this tree ready before she came back from school and she was totally surprised and wanted to know how this tree came.. When her dad told her that Santa Claus came and gave it, she ran to me and hugged me and said I am her Santa Claus!! That was enough to make my day and all my efforts proved worth that!!

Now lets get started on how to make this tree so you can surprise your little ones too...

Materials Needs

  • A stand, the size of the tree required. (I disassembled my Pedestal Fan and used the fan base for my tree.)
  • Christmas garlands that are used to make the wreaths - 3 to 4 depending on the height of your tree.
  • Brown paper (Optional) - To cover the bottom of the tree so that it looks natural
  • Tree Skirt (Optional) - To cover the legs of the stand
  • Tree decorative ornaments and lights.


Stick the brown paper (if you are using) to the bottom of the stand which will be visible once the tree takes shape.

Open up the Christmas garland and start with one end hooked at the top of the stand and then shape the garland around the tree in the form of a spiral slowly expanding the spiral as you go down so that it takes the shape of a spiral cone as shown below.

As you make each loop of the spiral, tie a few protruding arms of the garland from the bottom loop with the top one so that it holds the cone shape and the loops don't fall off.

Attach more garlands and continue expanding the tree in a similar fashion till the bottom of the stand is reached. It is very important to keep joining the loops so the tree shape is maintained. 

Once the Christmas tree is ready, you can decorate it with the ornaments and cover the base with a tree skirt. You've got yourself a professional looking tree for a very low cost!!

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